Things Women Should Stop Saying Sorry For


Apologies seem to happen even when you don't know what you're apologizing for. The word “sorry’ is probably as popular in our everyday language as “just.” Women especially, throw these words into conversation and they come off as fillers or words used to downplay something else. The word "sorry" rolls off the tongue sometimes. In many cases, you don't want to come off as rude or bossy so you throw an apology in there to offset the blow. Similarly, we use “just” on an everyday basis and it often belittles what we say without us realizing it. I saw an article (read it here) a few weeks back and decided to make a conscious effort to minimize my usage of the word. Instead of sending a text like: Hey, just checking in to make sure you’re okay.I said the same thing without adding a just: Hey, I’m checking in to make sure you're okay. As women, our everyday language can say a lot about us even if we are not always aware of the effects these words have. Apologizing in unnecessary situations can make you come off as weak, an easy set-up to get taken advantage of. Once I became aware of what I was doing, I knew this was something a lot of you are probably guilty of as well so we, as a group, can start making these changes to better ourselves.  We've all done it but it's time to stop saying sorry for little things that don't warrant an apology. Appearances I've lost count of how many snapchat stories I've watched that included an apology for "looking a hot mess." Why are you sorry for your natural look? It's one thing if you feel better with winged eyeliner and a bold lip but don't feel bad because you just woke up or had to rush out to work this morning.

Lifestyle Choices Aside from make-up, shaved legs seems to be another one of those things that has turned into everyone else's business. Your legs belong to you and whether there is hair on them is really no one else's concern. Yes, people have opinions on what you should do with them but does that really matter? Strut in your jean shorts with velvet legs if you want to and don't say sorry for it.

Not Being Interested News flash: No one is entitled to getting your number or taking you out. You dont have to feel bad for declining a date or letting someone know you don't want to text them. You can say it nicely without apologizing because what are you actually sorry for if you've done nothing wrong?

Having Emotions It hurts my heart when I hear someone explaining how she feels then a "Sorry, I don't know why I'm crying" or something similar comes out her mouth. No no no! You're crying because you’re upset and overwhelmed. There's nothing wrong with that so you don't have to say sorry!

Asking Someone to do their Job

This one's funny because I do it all the time out of habit. It just sounds nicer to say "I'm sorry, could you help me..." but again, don't feel the need to apologize if you're asking someone to do what they get paid for. A simple "excuse me" is a polite way to get his or her attention.


Have you noticed yourself throwing out extra apologies? If so, do you see a problem with it? Share with us in the comments!