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[social_warfare buttons="facebook"]Finding a natural body scrub when you're not big on DIY is hard. I'm in the process of transitioning to more natural skincare products. I figured, if I was avoiding foods with words I can't pronounce, I should be doing the same with my lotions and body washes. If you wouldn't put it inside your body, why would you allow it on your skin?

My cousin Kat shared pictures and reviews of her new product line, Brooklyn Kat, and the idea caught my eye. I reached out and purchased an order of the body scrub which happened to come with a sample of the body butter. (woo!!) After using it on my skin the past few days, I'm loving it and wanted to share a review with you. 

Brooklyn Kat Body Scrub and Body Butter

Order + Shipping I placed my order on Wednesday morning and by noon on Thursday, USPS was ringing my doorbell to drop off the package. This was one of my favorite parts of the experience because I HATE waiting so next day arrival, when I wasn't even expecting it, was great. 

Packaging I'm a sucker for great presentation. My package came with a personalized Thank You card along with a little set of note cards. She threw in the sample body butter with the body scrub and wrapped them in some cute tissue paper, all inside a matching purple drawstring baggie.

Usage The body scrub consists of the coarse scrub and a oil base. I mixed them together and first tried it on my hands before using it on my body. It has a warm, dessert-like smell that complemented the Sugar Cookie candle I had burning. You  would have really thought I was in the kitchen baking up a storm but the scrub just smells that good. I have extremely dry hands and heels so that's where I really wanted to test this out on. I washed my hands with it and even after a few hours, my hands were still just as soft. I used the scrub in the shower and made sure to massage it on my heels really well. I used the body butter afterwards and can actually feel the difference. I was so close to sleeping with an onion on my heels but Brooklyn Kat came through so I don't have  to!!

Overall, I'm very pleased with the scrub and think I might need a full version of the butter cause I can't go back to having my feels look like I'm living the struggle. One thing I want to add is if you use the scrub you might need to mix it a little first, but that's to be expected when you have natural ingredients.

I'm looking forward to making this part of my night-time routine and even throwing in the occasional glass of wine + a candle to really treat myself when school starts getting hectic. If you want your own order of Brooklyn Kat or to see more users' thoughts, check out @jlmarshal92 on Instagram.

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