7 Self-Care Tips for When Your Job is Emotionally Draining


You know those mornings when you hit snooze way too many times and the thought of being late is no longer enough motivation to get out of bed? I've come to know those all too well within the past few months. Self-Care really needs to be a priority in these situations. I'm in my last semester of undergrad and this feeling is one that reminds me not to settle when it comes to finding a job in my chosen career path. I ended up getting moved to a new store within the company I've worked for throughout college about 5 months ago. I went from being completely comfortable with my work environment to being filled with anxiety and a lot of pressure. It's not exactly how I expected to to spend my second semester of senior year but for the time being, it is what it is. I know I'm not the only one experiencing a work environment that leaves you mentally and emotionally drained. I wish I could make both of our situations transform into more positive ones. While I can't get you a job you're totally in love with, I can share some self-care tips that help me get through each day.

Start your day with a healthy meal + meditation 

Sometimes, getting up earlier than you have to can sound like a burden but getting yourself in a morning routine can really improve your mood. Not everyone can get into having a big meal first thing so maybe start with a warm drink like coffee or tea and write down your daily intentions for the day. Use this time to remind yourself that your situation is only temporary and pick a positive affirmation to carry with you throughout the day.

Schedule me-time 

I am a BIG advocate for me-time. LOVE IT! With school, work, and an internship, I know finding time to myself is going to be crucial this semester. My idea of me-time is a good movie, some snacks, and wine. Blogging gets thrown in there too. Right now, I have the apartment to myself and I'm writing with a side of black bean brownies I just made and a mason jar of Relax pinot grigio. Happy me :) Your me-time can be literally anything you want- a nice dinner, binge watching a new series, hiking, pedicures. Make it whatever you want and just give yourself that time to be alone and do things without considering what anyone else wants.

Create short task lists to tackle all your work duties 

Just because you hate your job doesn't mean you get to slack off. Even if you're looking for a new job, you need to make sure you're still tackling your goals. This means writing down everything you need to accomplish so you can avoid getting overwhelmed at the end of the day. Even if the atmosphere at your job isn't the best, you'll start to feel better as you cross things off your list.

Find or create a silver lining for each day you work 

This can be as big or little as you want it to be. If you find a nice park or a cool coffee shop on your way, schedule time to stop in and get a little positivity in before starting your work day. Getting to know your coworkers and learning what you have in common can also be a big help. For me, I found one of my coworkers to share a lot of my interests so knowing I'll see her and get to have a friend at work is my silver lining.

Keep track of the positive things that happen daily 

It gets so easy to remember all the clients that pissed  you off or to keep a mental note of every passive aggressive comment your boss made. LET IT GO. Instead, keep count of the nice interactions you have each day. Did someone compliment your excellent customer service skills or thank you extra for fixing their problem? These are the kinds of things you should keep in mind and leave all the negative energy out of your space.

Use your lunch break to fully detach and clear your head 

I found that taking my lunch break in the actual break room had me more stressed out than it should be. Having your boss walking by and asking how long you have left on your 30 minute break really ruins the whole idea of it being a break, huh? Some days I rather sit in my car and just breathe than spend my half hour in the lunch room making small talk or worrying if someone is going to ask me to cut my break short.Lately, listening to the Black Girl in Om podcast while I eat has been my thing. These thirty minutes are your moments off the clock to regroup and refocus. Get your mind right whether it be going off site or just listening to a clip of your favorite podcast in the break room.

Explore the arts of topics that interest you and express yourself 

Even if you don't consider yourself "artsy" you will probably benefit from finding an outlet to express yourself. You can try writing in a journal, hosting a podcast, making YouTube videos, or write a blog! I'm a firm believer in not letting your feelings get bottled up so find a way to get your thoughts out. If you don't want to share them publicly, find a friend to confide in or seek counseling. I know there's such a stigma on getting professional help but your mental health is worth so much more than others' opinions so I encourage you to do what's best for you. You can also reach out to me privately if you just need to vent. I'll be more than happy to talk with you guys or just listen. Shoot me an email or any of the DM's on my social media- @bakeliftbalance on IG & @jovaniamichele on Twitter. (still working on getting my handles in sync LOL).


What's your go-to self-care practices when work has you stressed out? Share with us in the comments below!

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