Why Staying In On Saturday Is A Good Idea


The party scene at my school has turned into a big yawn. It didn't excite me as a freshman but now the thought of being in a crowded basement with sweaty strangers spilling beer all over only makes it worse. There's nothing wrong with staying in on the weekend; you'll thank yourself in the morning when you're up at eight in the morning for work sans-hangover. 1. Ordering Delivery I'm a lazy person so the whole getting in the car to get food thing doesn't sound very appealing. Lounging around and waiting for that phone call saying your food is here is top five greatest feelings. It's the equivalent of seeing the waiter in a restaurant walking with your food except this time you're in the pleasure of your own home. You can feel guilty about the calories tomorrow, tonight is about satisfying your taste buds. 2. Netflix The entire Friends series is on there, what else do you need? Laying on the couch and binge watching your favorite show is beautiful, until you reach the finale but we can worry about that later. For now, your only worry should be having to click yes when Netflix asks, "are you still watching?" 3. No Pants Yes, I'm one of those. No explanation needed. 4. Wine...In a Glass If you've heard the expression "slap the bag," you know how glorious it is to have a nice glass of wine that did not come from a box. 5. Sleep College students get an average of four hours of sleep at night. (There was zero research put into that so don't quote me) We sure enough don't get the recommended eight hours per night during the week so a couple extra hours on the weekend can't hurt. 6. Homework Okay, you probably won't get any work done but it's always an option. 7. You know exactly what happened Having to ask a friend why you have a bruise on your arm and can't find your left shoe can get pretty awkward. Needless to say, if you're in the house on the weekend your memory of the night won't escape you. 8. Morning workout Getting up early is hard enough so the thought of it after a night out is nearly impossible. Nights in give you the chance to set your alarm for a decent time to get a workout in before the day starts. Try it and let me know how it goes.

You now have eight reasons to share with your friends while you all contemplate if getting out of bed to go to a party is really worth it.