Treat Yourself: 10 Ways Under $10

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If you know me, you know I'm the queen of treat yo-self. If you're new here, welcome! 

In college, my relationship with my roommate was built on treating ourselves. It was to the point where we had a standing date, once a month, dedicated to spoiling ourselves with food, treats, and pampering. 

Now that my student loan payments have kicked in, I needed to find ways to still get the spark of treating myself but without feeling guilty as I swipe my card. I've talked to my friends who are on similar budgets and came up with 10 Ways to Treat Yourself under $10. Some of these are free so have you pick and enjoy some self-pampering. 

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1. Yoga + Aromatherapy

You can and should treat yourself to a relaxing yoga session filled with relaxing scents. YouTube has a bunch of free flows or you can look up videos on Instagram to guide you. My favorite way to create a relaxing environment is to fill by diffuser with essential oils and let the room turn into my personal sanctuary. 

I use this oil diffuser* which I got for on Amazon. I purchased oils at Target. In this case, there's the up front cost of the oil and diffuser but I spent let's sat $18 one time and have used them both at least once week since July. Take those $18 split over 16weeks = $1.13/week for a DIY yoga and aromatherapy session.

2. Wine and Cheese Night

Invite a friend over and make it date night. My favorite cheese and wine can both be found at Trader Joe's. I love the Grifone Pinor Grigio and their Toscano, a creamy blend of parmesan and Wisconsin cheddar soaked in a Syrah wine. I got a block of cheese for 5.00 and a bottle of wine for $5.99. You can split the cost with a friend or indulge by yourself on a few separate occasions. Add a nice Spotify playlist to the mix and you have a great evening planned. 

3. Bubble Bath + Candles

Fill the tub, light a candle, and play some soothing sounds.

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4. Spend the Night Making Treats

Last Saturday, my best friend Laura and I spent Saturday night making these yummy cheesecake filled, chocolate dipped strawberries. Strawberries were about $4.00, cream cheese was under $2.00 and chocolate chips around $3. We had sugar and graham crackers on hand so for no more than $10, we had a great night of girl talk, yummy treats, and playing in chocolate. 

5. Take a Personal Day

Take the day to yourself and do nothing. Find something good to binge watch. Sleep all day long. No to-do lists today.

6. Throw a Cheat Meal In

For me, my idea of a cheat meal usually includes donuts or Chic Fil A. Last week, I went with the Spicy Deluxe and waffle fries. I didn't spend more than ten bucks and the friendly people and extra sauce made it a nice experience. 

7. Run, Lift, Cycle

Okay, I don't know if anyone else gets that feel good rush from lifting but I do. Back squats, cleans, snatches are just a few of my favorite movements. I started Crossfit this month and that's been a new way of treating myself. The price-tag on a membership doesn't sound like it fits under a budget but going three times a week comes out to $8.33/class for me. So far, the cheapest gym membership I've come across is $10/month at Planet Fitness. 

8. Read

You don't have to physically travel somewhere to get lost in an adventure. Find a good book and get lost in that. Currently, I'm reading two books at once with the goal of finishing both by the end of the month. The Thing Around Your Neck* by Chimimanda Ngozi Adiche and Between the World and Me* by Ta-Nehisi Coates. 

9. Brunch at Home

Part of being the queen of treat yo self is knowing all the best spots to brunch. Doesn't everyone like to indulge in champagne and OJ after a long week of dong the bare minimum? Sometimes, $40 bottomless mimosas isn't feasible or simply a good idea. Invite your girls over for pot-luck style brunch. Everyone can bring one item- eggs, champagne, juice, biscuits, etc. Cook for yourselves and make your own mimosas and it's still a great morning. 

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10. Find Free Local Events

There are more free things in your area than you think but you have to look for them. I use Facebook events to stay up to date on events near me and use apps like Pulsd to see what free or cheap events I can catch in NYC. 

How do you treat yourself on a budget?


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