Life Update: Post Grad Blues

It's been a month since graduation and post grad life isn't exactly what I expected. It's been a long six weeks full of anxious thoughts, second guessing, and about a million resume tweaks.

When you picture the summer after college, you probably imagine yourself backpacking through Europe or sitting at your new big girl desk in some sleek pumps and a pencil skirt. At least, I thought those were pretty probable options for myself. Instead, I’m sending out twenty applications a day, binge watching Girls on HBO, and trying all the new wines I can find at Trader Joes'. Thankfully, I still have my part time job which despite my grievances, I am very grateful for. I was complaining at first but I had to put my entitlement issues in check real quick since Sallie Mae had no problem asking for my first student loan payment before I even got my diploma in the mail.*side eye*

I had to seriously stop and pray to God that all my bills were paid and that I had a job to show up to.

Being on social media hasn’t been the most beneficial to me either, if we're being honest. I got on Instagram to see the handful of friends traveling all summer then I got on Facebook and see the other half making there “I am so excited to announce that I’ll be starting a position at..” posts. I know it’s about being patient which I am definitely working on but hey, I’m bitter. 

I had to really dedicate time to finding ways to not let this period stress me the hell out. As cliche as it sounds, yoga and working out have been the only things keeping me together. I found a Groupon for a local yoga studio a couple months ago and after 5 classes, I’ve gotten in the flow of leading my own flows at home. My best friend and I now have weekly tennis matches. We suck. But our lack of hand eye coordination makes for a good cardio workout. I plan on getting rid of this college weight with all this free time so I joined a gym, started a 4 week fitness challenge and got back on the clean eating train. On the days where I don’t go into work, the gym is my only reason to actually leave the house. 

I have friends, I swear.

I say all this to be transparent about the not so glamorous side of post-grad life. These past few weeks have been HUMBLING as faaaack- from job rejections to my getting fitness assessment at the gym!! Whew. But like everything in life, it's temporary. I know I'll find a job I'm passionate about soon enough but until then, I'll be here bringing you guys updates on new wines and workouts.