Why I Started Blogging


The topic for this week is: Why Did I Start Blogging? I started blogging publicly April of 2015 but have had three other blogs that I won't share and embarrass myself LOL. I made a hobby out of checking out sites like Thought Catalog and Elite Daily and knew I would enjoy writing just as much as reading the posts. I wanted the things I planned on posting to be more personal though, so I figured a blog would be perfect for that. I was also going through one of those 'what's my thing?' phases. You know, when you think of someone and their skill comes to mind (ex. painting, knitting, running) Well, I pretty much pictured blogging to be that for me. It's served it's purpose and even if I haven't found a label for what kind of blog this is, it's whatever I feel like sharing at the time and for now, that works for me. I figure I'll grow into a specific niche so I don't want to make myself crazy about fitting in.

One thing I've noticed about running a blog is how it helps you stick to your words. I love setting goals on here and sharing it because putting it out there is a lot more concrete than saying it to myself and maybe getting to it. I like the motivation that comes with having connections to other bloggers too. It really helps you with that little push to get up and work out or study smarter for that 4.o!

Everyone has their little blog motivator. What's yours?



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