Should you fight for a friendship?

I'm at the hair salon burning under this hot dryer and want to share some thoughts with you guys. I like to think that I have a good sense of analyzing people when it comes to choosing friends. I take friendships very seriously so I'm cautious when it comes to calling just about anyone a friend, let alone a best friend.Your closest friends are a lot like your significant other whether you like to admit it. My girls have fully embraced their titles (girlfriend, wife, soulmate, etc.), they know the deal. I take these relationships seriously and it breaks my heart when I see long term best friends ready to throw in the towel because things get hard.

Life isn't a fairy tale. Your friends will do things that piss you off, some on a daily and others once in a blue moon. If you invested so much time in the friendship, are you really okay with letting it go without a fight? I doubt it.

Your twenties are such a stressful stage. You're pretty much expected to have your life figured out but picking a spot for dinner is still one of the hardest tasks you face. It's rough but we all go through it. I can't stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with individuals with like interests and similar work ethic. I want to see my friends 24/7 during the summer but I know that's not ideal when we all have jobs(some two and three) and others take class. The beauty of real friendship is being able to pick up where you left off no matter how many months have passed. I like to think college will make or break a lot of friendships. It's the challenge of not seeing each other five times a week and making the effort to see one another. One of my best friends goes to school in Miami and I manage to see her more than friends whose houses I could easily walk to. It's all about making time for what and who matters. The ones who are meant to be in your life will support you no matter how many times you text the group chat talking about changing your major or freaking out about your next exam. Your twenties are for you to figure out where you're going and the hurdles are there to show you who's going to be there when you reach the finish line.