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Hey guys! I've been missing for a little while-- I tried running a Wordpress update and almost lost everything. Thank goodness GoDaddy support was able to help me restore to one of the backups a couple weeks ago. I lost a couple posts but that's better than what I thought was gonna happen. Now I know to backup more often and to get help before I update haha. It's March! That means two things to me- midterms and spring break. What a combination. I'm linking up with Jenna and Anne today to share wha's Currently going on in my life. Be sure to check both of their pages out to see everyone else who's linking.

Wishing; for an internship in public health. I'm working onĀ getting my resume and cover letter out this weekend for this specific 10-week internship. Wish me luck guys.

Craving: Hmm, I think I covered all my cravings over the weekend. I splurged a little (LOT) and had a slice of buffalo chicken pizza, and some homemade chocolate chip cookies by yours truly.I found the (almost) perfect recipe on Pinterest but I think it needs a few little tweaks. I'm pretty sure I know what they are too so I'm looking forward to doing some more baking this month.

Going: to see my best friend! I leave for Miami in less than two weeks. Last time, I booked months ahead and was practically counting down everyday. I feel like I just bought my ticket and it's right around the corner.

Wearing: Work or gym clothes..I feel like that's all I wear. I'm at the hair salon now dressed in half my work uniform.

Learning: how to work Wordpress, still. Aside from my update accident, I also can't add any buttons to my right sidebar. I think it's something with the theme but haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully that's fixed soon.



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