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I'm linking up today with Anne and Jenna, sharing what I'm currently: sending, eating, dreaming, smelling, and hearting (yup, we're making it a word). Sending: I haven't really sent anything lately. I always plan out a care package for one of my friends but have yet to actually send it. Maybe this topic is my green light to actually do it.

Eating: I bought a jumbo pack of ground turkey over the weekend so that's pretty much all I'm eating this week. I made half of it into turkey chili and the rest into Italian style meatballs NOM. Wait, does anyone else use pasta sauce in their chili? I freestyled my recipe the first time I made it and just assumed pasta sauce was good enough then when I looked up recipes, everyone was using canned diced tomatoes. Oops. I mean, it tastes great but now I'm curious to see if there's a big difference. I'll share my experiment when I get to it.

Dreaming:  ABOUT SPRING BREAK! I have no idea where I'm going, yet but I really want to make the most out of it. School basically just started but I can already use a break. I really just want some warm weather. I'm so over all the snow on the ground.

Smelling: I've been slacking on getting new candles so I have no pretty scents around. But at this exact moment, I can smell my perfume- Gucci Guilty, I think. It's this little gold bottle..I love it.

Hearting: My new workout plan! After NOLA, I made myself a 7-day meal/workout plan and stuck with it (for the most part) then did the same thing last week and this one. I've been having low-carb weekdays, lenient weekends, and about 5 workouts/week. I can see improvement and my friends and fam do too so I'm really excited to keep it up. I took a Crossfit class last week then signed up for a month of unlimited classes. Today's workout kicked my butt but I'm going back.

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