Goals | 17 Goals For 2017

Happy New Year guys! I took a little break from posting but I've been doing a lot of backend blog work and planning for you all! I found myself experiencing  a little blog crisis and didn't know what direction this baby was going. I spent some time over Thanksgiving and Christmas talking about my goals with the fam and decided to let this be an outlet for my favorite things without worrying about failing. I was so concerned that sharing recipes wouldn't be enough for me to stand out but cooking is my biggest hobby after writing so you'll be seeing more of that. I'll be sharing some wellness tips too, along with my "treat yo-self adventures" and a new self-care series I'll be launching this Sunday, January 8th. There's a lot coming so be sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @jovaniamichele. I also want to share some of my goals for the year with you guys. It helps keep me accountable and gives me a chance to show you all what's going on with me. I'd love to see what goals you're setting for the year so share in the comments or tag me on Instagram!

  1. End my last undergraduate semester with a 4.0
  2. Prepare for and take the GRE
  3. Apply to Grad School
  4. Find a job in my field and say goodbye to retail
  5. Develop a morning routine to help me be more productive
  6. Workout 3x/week + compete in a Crossfit competition
  7. Take a trip to LA in the Spring
  8. Take a weekend road trip with the squad
  9. Leave the country  (Africa or Europe)
  10. Record + edit at least one vlog (Might be starting a YT channel with squad...stay tuned)
  11. Learn HTML
  12. Connect with other bloggers through meet-ups, events, and Twitter Chats
  13. Show up on time to class, work, and events (I'm late to everything this is gonna be rough. I'll update ya monthly)
  14. Try a new hairstyle (I'm thinking kinky curly, I want the beauty of a natural hairstyle without the extra time and effort)
  15. Go to a music festival
  16. Create a  budget to pay back student loans and move out after graduation
  17. REVAMP THE BLOG- coming soon

I don't have an exact resolution but my mindset for this year is all about execution. I want to leave my comfort zone and get shit done! I caught myself making generalized statements like,  "I wanna travel" or "I should workout more." Clearly, that didn't get me far. This year, I'm replacing them with action goals and making it happen.  With graduation only five months away, I feel like this is the time for me to build on the traits I want to carry with me into "the real world." I know I want to travel, be fit, be around good company, and eat good food; it comes down to making those things happen when my schedule isn't all under my control. With that, this blog will continue to be a representation of balance and how to do the things you love when you still have to abide by a 9-5, school, or whatever else it may be that fills your hours.

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