My Favorite DIY Face Mask: A Classic with a Twist

Asking people to drop their skincare routine has become another great perk of social media. You’re now only clicks away from figuring out what toner, cleansers, and face masks your fave with the perfect skin is using. I find it funny when I get asked what I use on my face because the answer is somewhat embarrassing. Every woman seems to have a holy grail of face products and a nighttime routine that guarantees flawless skin the next day. For me, that secret it water. I drink a lot of it and that’s all I use on my face. I only wear makeup for special occasions which I think has something to do with it too. 



As far as products that touch my face, my DIY face mask does everything I need it to. I came across Bentonite clay masks about a year ago. I was excited to find a non-toxic product to use and one that I could easily mix together on my own. I may not have a skincare routine to drop but my DIY clay mask may be the perfect addition to yours. 

First, what is Bentonite clay?

Well, its actual clay. Bentonite clay is the clay formed from volcanic ash. Sounds kinda gross, right? It gets its name from Fort Benton, WY, which is where the largest source of the clay is located. It has wide range of benefits apart from being used as a face mask. It’s great for detoxifying the digestive tract, regulating pH levels, and removing fluoride from water. 



When used as a face mask, Bentonite clay is great for removing oil for the skin. It’ll also help with clogged pores. I like to mix mine with Apple cider vinegar and a little turmeric. Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits it’s crazy. You can drink it, use it to wash your hair, and in this case I mix equal parts clay and ACV to make this mask. 

So, why add apple cider vinegar?

ACV, aside from being great for weight loss and a cleanser is also responsible for being the moisturizer in this mask. It gently exfoliates the skin while adding the necessary moisture to your face. You can count on it to detoxify your pores and clear up dark marks. I’ve noticed that with my skin it helps clear up dark marks from pimples I've popped. Oops.



What does the turmeric do?

I first saw turmeric being used on skin by my college roommate. Later, I saw my mom using it for her hair so my interest piqued. I was curious to see just how versatile a spice I was using in my curry could be. I’ve found that adding it to the mask adds a nice glow to my skin. I only add a small amount, literally a pinch. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities and is known to reduce scarring and its antioxidants are responsible for that glow. Who needs highlighter anymore? JK, I still need to get my hands on Fenty’s Trophy Wife. 



*Do not use any metal for this* 

  1. Add spoonful of clay to bowl

  2. Add equal parts ACV

  3. Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric into the bowl

  4. Apply to face using fingers

  5. Let sit for 15 minutes — this is where you sit back with a glass of wine 

  6. Rinse with warm water and feel fabulous  

I'm open to trying some new face masks but for now, my aztec clay and ACV mask does everything I need it to. What non-toxic face masks do you use and love?