What's Up Wednesday

http://chalkituptobetterluck.blogspot.com/link-up.html I saw one of Emilie's link up posts last month and figured I would join in one one!

What I loved about the past week// Caribbean Day! This past Saturday, the West Indian Student Organization (WISO) at my school hosted the 37th annual Caribbean Day. It's an outdoor celebration of countries like Haiti, Jamaica, Grenada, and Trinidad through food, music, and performances. It's nice to have a chance to show off the beautiful culture of these amazing islands.

What I'm looking forward to// Being done with finals! Exams, papers, projects...over it.

What my latest obsession is// The Mindy Project. I started from season one last week and I have two more episodes left in season two. It's so addicting.

What I'm watching// Oh, oops. The Mindy Project!

What I'm listening to// Z by SZA. I was hooked when it first came out and now I'm back on it.

What I'm craving// My cravings switch up all the time but now it's a cheeseburger: Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and sweet potato fries on the side.

What I'm doing this weekend// Working all day on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I'm seeing two shows for my Theater Appreciation class--I'll give details on those later.

What else is new// I'm trying this new thing where I give myself a monthly budget and document my expenses. I've come to terms with my shopping problem so this is my way of fixing it. Wish me luck!