Happy July!


This month is starting off a lot differently than June because I really haven't made any plans for it. Last month, I had my cruise vacation to look forward to and my Whole 30 to focus on (I failed 8 days in). I'm hoping July is filled with some adventure and maybe even a mini-vacation. Since today is the first I'm making myself a little list of activites I want to accomplish this month. I always find myself saying "I wish I could ____" so I'm going to use July as my get it done time. Smorgasburg I went to Williamsburg during spring break last year and fell in love. I found this cute little hole in the wall burger place and some great thrift shops. I haven't been to a food flea market ever so this is definitely on my to- do list. Watchung Reservation I see pictures of this place on my instagram feed all the time so I really want to check it out. I'm sure I can find at least one friend to come with me and give hiking a try. If that fails, we at least have beautiful scenery for Instagram pictures.

Bike in Central Park My family used to rent bikes when we would visit Mont Tremblant in Canada and I actually miss it. I haven't ridden in over five years so getting on might look disastrous but I'm looking for somewhere nice and scenic to ride through and Central Park seems perfect.

Picnic It's in all the movies and always looks so cute so I have to see if it's worth the hype. My campus has so many open fields filled with trees so my roommate and I have been talking about going out one afternoon and having a little picnic.

I want to add something a little adventurous but I'm a punk so everything I think of sounds scary. I'm going to let the adventure part come to me instead of adding it to the list.

What's the most adventurous activity you've done so far? Was it as scary as it seemed? Share your experience in the comments!