My 2016 Goals


Everyone's been asking what my New Year's resolution is and I don't really have one master resolution that I aim to accomplish. Instead, I've come up with three goals aimed at three specific areas on my life. 2015 was great in terms of improvement but I can still think of new ways to hit these goals and continue growing in a positive direction.  


I'm entering my second semester of Junior year and at this point, I know the Freshman 15 is far from a myth. With binge eating takeout and poor scheduling, I know college has not been good to me in terms of staying in shape. I never fell off completely to where I stopped caring about what I ate or abandoned the gym but I lacked consistency. This year, my goal is to stay consistent with having good eating habits and exercising at least three times a week. I think having a partner for this would make it easier but have yet to find someone close enough to take this on with me. Still looking! I've been feeling a lot more anxious in situations that could be easily resolved and I think taking thirty minutes to workout will definitely help with giving me the peace of mind I need. I also started to cut back on caffeine for the same reason- half caf, half syrup vanilla latte is my new go-to at Sbux.


Unfortunately, I failed a class Sophomore year and that F is the one thing holding my GPA back from flourishing. My new major (Health Administration) doesn't require Calculus and I've had advisors tell me not to bother retaking it but I'm determined to prove to myself that I can improve my grade. The first time I took Calc, I was also enrolled in Chemistry I and Statistics. For someone whose strengths fall FAR FAR away from Science and Math, piling on those three courses at once was not a good idea. Why didn't anyone stop me??? On top of that, it was my first time working a time consuming job and going to school simultaneously. Again, where were the warnings ??(@myfriends) I've definitely gotten a way better hang of this time management thing and I know how to study now so bring it on Calculus. Here's to hitting Dean's List and getting my GPA back up which go hand in hand.

Update: I sat down with pen and paper (literally) to really weigh the pros and cons of retaking the class. It would only add about a .2 increase to my GPA which is less than what I can earn by taking a class I know I can get an A in. After sitting through the first lecture, I don't have the motivation to endure such a hard class that won't count towards my major or minor so I've decided to make my new goal to earn a 4.0!


I started this blog as a hobby and April will make it a year! I love using the blog as a journal to put my thoughts into paper but I think I can do a better job of being more involved in the blogging community. I've been thinking about making a separate Instagram and Pinterest account for the blog, what do you guys think? I definitely want to take part in more linkups this year too. I love having a prompt to go off and looking at how people from all over respond in so many different ways. I haven't put a number on the growth I'm expecting because I still don't have a good grasp on my current numbers but I'd like to grow the interactivity on here.

What are your goals for this year? Did you make a big resolution or have you broken it down into categories? Share with us below!