A Weekend in Hudson, NY

What do you do when you need a break from your everyday routine but a far getaway is out of the question? For me, the answer was the hidden gem of Historic Hudson, New York. A two hour drive led me to this quaint little town filled with coffee shops and artisanal shops. Think Stars Hollow, just as caffeinated but without a troubadour. 

I found Hudson to be a nice change of pace and scenery. We spent most of the day on Warren Street. Everything you need is on a single block. We had to start the day with food so we stopped in to home/made for brunch. I discovered them on Yelp and was surprised to only find 4 reviews. A quick Google search let me know home/made was once a Brooklyn brunch spot. The owners fell in love with Hudson after a catering gig and decided to relocate. I thought the story was adorable so that made me want to check it out even more. We had a twenty-minute wait before being seated so we spent the time wandering around, planning our next stops  

Brunch at home/made


Top: Croque Signore & Chardonnay Prosecco with chicken apple sausage  Bottom: Tomato Cobbler & California Rose with chicken apple sausage

Top: Croque Signore & Chardonnay Prosecco with chicken apple sausage

Bottom: Tomato Cobbler & California Rose with chicken apple sausage

Both meals ended up being totally different from what we expected but still great options. My dish was the tomato cobbler. I loved the presentation and felt the flavors of the filling and the crust blended well together. I did find the meal to be one-dimensional, however. You get the same bite each time. Adding a side of chicken apple sausage brought the plate together for me. Their habanero hot sauce also gave it the kick I was looking for.

Goodies from the home/made counter

Goodies from the home/made counter


Jeff Bailey Gallery

Cute towns call for art appreciation stops. We checked out the Jeff Bailey gallery after brunch. It's a small gallery with six or so paintings. There were two artists' work on display, Colin Brant and Ruby Palmer. We had a lot of fun identifying the hidden animals in Brants' work. It brought me back to my phase in high school when I was obsessed with owls. 

Leopard in Tree by Colin Brant via  @colinbrant724

Leopard in Tree by Colin Brant via @colinbrant724

Good Fight Herb Co.

Hudson is anything but short of handmade goods which is one of the things I love. I picked up a cramp balm from the Good Fight Herb Co. You instantly get such a comforting vibe from this little storefront full of herbal healing tinctures We got a quick lesson on making making maple syrup and another on the healing powers of White Willow. This was definitely the kind of place I would have never gone looking for, because I had no idea it existed, but I'm glad I found it. 

Good Fight Herbal Co.

Good Fight Herbal Co.

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate


Afterwards, we continued exploring a few more shops, like 2Note, a botanical perfumery and a couple antique shops on the main street. Later, we stopped into Vertigis tea and chocolate shop to wrap up the afternoon and head back to Jersey. I tried the hot dark chocolate and my best friend tried the Thai tea. The chocolate was rich, creamy, and very much worth it.


I would love to go back spend a long weekend in Hudson. I'm thinking it'd be perfect for a hiking trip with a small group. The vibes there are so relaxed and there's just enough food to keep me happy. 


Featured Image: http://www.casaurbanahudson.com/blog/december-activities-beautiful-hudson/

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