How to Ease Into a Workout Routine

The New Year comes with a lot of pressure to jump headfirst into your goals and resolutions. We all want to eat better, workout more, and stop hitting the button so many times. Honestly, why is it so big? A lot of the times, we write down a million things to accomplish without laying out the first step to getting it done. In order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we not only need to plan for success, but to create plans that are easily achievable. For some, a goal of working out 5 days a week is normal and basically expected. For a beginner, something like 2-3 times a week is more feasible and a lot less intimidating. If one of your 2018 goals is to start the journey to a healthier, fit lifestyle- we have a few easy ways to get you on track to that #summerbod. 

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Eliminate the Guesswork

Physically getting to the gym always feels like a hassle and a half. You have to think about leaving the warmth of your bed, find something to wear, then the worst part is actually deciding what the workout will be. I’ve had days where I was in-between programs and had no clue what to do that day. It took so much work to come up with a plan that I opted to watch a few more episodes of Sex and the City instead. Don’t be like me. Now, I’ve come up with a plan to find my next program before finishing my current one to avoid these sort of hiccups. My last time staying on a strict 4 week program was over summer and I actually lost ten pounds on it. Now I’m training using Strong Lifts 5x5 method.

You can find some easy to follow programs and daily workouts on Pinterest. I'm not a fan of cardio so I like to follow guides like these for treadmill workouts:

I’m also a fan of Nike Training app and Trifecta for Crossfit-style workouts.

Find an Accountability Partner

Not everyone does well with having an actual workout buddy. If it works for you, I recommend finding someone whose schedule aligns with yours to allow for partner workouts. If not, simply having someone who agrees to check on your progress and gym attendance will be such a motivator. For me, my group chat with my cousins serves this purpose. We share our workout of the day and just knowing that they’re working towards their goals, helps me stick to my gym schedule. You want to find people who encourage you and support your goals. We only want to include ourselves in mutually beneficial spaces. That means, some days you’ll be the first one workout out for the day and your daily message is what’s going to get everyone up. Oh and balance is still key here. As quick as my girls will send a “DID YA'LL SQUAT TODAY” text, they’re just as quick to encourage taking the day off and eating the donut you've been craving. 



Set Benchmark Goals

With everything you do, you should know the reason behind your actions. Are you trying to gain visible muscle? Do you want to get stronger? Are you reaching for six-pack abs? Know your why and know how to measure your success. Progress pictures and weigh-ins are easy ways to track progress if losing fat is your goal. For me, I want to get stronger and leaner. I rely on progress pictures and the amount of weight I can push and pull to track my success. As much as we’ve been trained to praise the scale, I’ve started to drift away from using that number as an indication of my success. Seeing the amount on the bar go up has much more of a positive effect on me than seeing the scale go down. Looking bomb in a crop top also lets me know my hard work is paying off. Set a goal that you can measure. You want to be able to tell when you're getting close and when you have a long way to go. Your benchmark goal could be to lose ten pounds by the beginning of summer or to be able to lift your body weight off the ground. Whatever it may be, keep it in mind when you have to decided between one more episode and driving to the gym.

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Now that you've set the goals now its time to put the work in. Grab some cute workout clothes and a pump up playlist and tackle your first workout!

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