Hey, Wine Not: Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend

My Sunday nights are usually spent roaming the (not-so-much) aisles of Trader Joe's. After I make my way though selecting produce, meat, and snacks for the week, my next stop is the wine section. There's a crazy selection of wines out there. For the longest time, Moscato was just what made sense for me. My palette thought everything else tasted like feet and my college student budget only had enough room for Barefoot. No shade to Barefoot, they held it down for years. I'm just ready to explore the other hundred options the liquor store offers. Now, as my palette matures, I'm more likely to give in to the extra $5 and go for a bottle based on more than just its look. While I'm opening up myself to these flavors, I'll be sharing my findings here. Allow me to to introduce The Wine Down, a wine series. Shouts to Issa Rae and Insecure. 

I'm in no way a wine expert. I'm not going to bore you with any wine jargon. Mostly because I don't know any. I'm your super basic wine drinker who can separate what tastes good and what tastes like feet. I figured if I'm already trying new bottles and sharing my opinions with my friends, I might as well put these thoughts on paper and bring them to you too.


Wine has become the center of my girls nights lately. When you look at the amount of time and energy needed to get dressed up and go out in the city, it doesn't sound as fun. Most of the wines I tend to go for average at $15 or less. Having a wine night in the house is the better and cheapet alternative to clubs and bar-hopping. We get the same perks of going out without the cost of cute outfits, Uber rides, and over-priced Manhattan drinks. My friends and I effortlessly alternate buying bottles and sit around in each others' company talking, laughing, and dancing just as we would on a night out.

While grocery shopping this week, I decided I would make my first attempt at a beef pot roast. It was a success! As eager as I was to pick up the same bottle of white I went with last week (more on that one later), I knew a red would be more fitting. I ended up going with the Apothic Red, Winemaker's Blend. I wanted something that wouldn't be super sweet like a sangria but also not as dry as Merlot. The bottle labels itself as a "masterful blend of rich zinfandel, flavorful Syrah, bold cabernet, and smooth merlot.' 


I found the taste to match the description. This is a bold red but you can actually taste the fruity flavors in it. The hints of vanilla are really apparent and I think that's what saves it from being too dry. It was a great addition to my pot roast dinner so I imagine any steak and potato style meals will be best.

I got this bottle for $9.99. It tastes nothing like a "cheap red" and I'll probably keep this in  rotation as I seek out new ones to try.