Trader Joe's Grocery Haul


My love for food comes with required grocery store runs. I feel like I live at the supermarket whenever I'm really on my health grind. Some days, I'll plan my day around going and be excited about it. Other times, I'm willing to pay someone to shop for me. I'm crazy picky when it comes to picking produce so that never works out.


Anyway! I wanted to share what my typical grocery shopping ends up looking like. Lists are cool but I always end up with some extras especially when it's  a Trader Joe's day.


Here's what I got for under $75.



One thing I love about TJ's is how they always have great options for healthy treats. This week I got dairy free ice cream- strawberry flavored made with coconut milk.




I've drawn towards getting frozen veggies for the simple reason they last longer. Nothing beats the fresh stuff but if I plan on shopping for more than one week, a lot of things end up going bad. Getting them frozen is a lot easier and most of the one's at TJ's come already seasoned/sauced which cuts down on cooking time. This comes in clucth when I'm trying to throw a quick meal together to bring to work with me. So far, I've been doing a good job of bringing my lunch to work which is great for my pockets and my plan to get back in shape (more on this later this month).



What are your usual healthy pickups? Share with us in the comments!