Wine Tasting + Apple Picking

At the beginning of October, my best friend and I wanted to bring in the Fall season being a little festive. What says Happy Autumn better than pumpkins, apples, and apple cider donuts? Laura found the cutest little orchard in Princeton, Terhune Orchards. It has a winery, a farm store, apple picking, and barn activities that are perfect for families. 


We arrived in Princeton at around 3pm. After parking in the lot and making our way over to the main area, our first visit was the wine tasting room. For $5, we got to choose five different wines to taste. Naturally, I forgot to take a picture of the list (derp) but my favorites were an Apple wine that tasted like Moscato and their Rooster Red. I'm not a big fan of red, mainly cause it's usually served at room temperature but this one was chilled and had a nice sweetness to it. 


After the tasting, we both left with a glass of the the Rooster Red and walked around the farm area. The farm store was full of fresh produce, flowers, and a bunch of different desserts. We both left with bags of apple cider donuts and I may or may not have finished mine the same day. 


Afterwards, we wanted to pick some apples at 13 Van Kirk Road. They have apple picking everyday from 9am-5pm. It was about a three minute drive from where we originally parked. We picked up a map of all the current apples. The ones circled were the ones available that day.


We hopped on a little carriage ride that drove us around part of the orchard then got to walk through and pick our apples. 

FullSizeRender 7.jpg
The apples all look "dusty" when you pull them off the branch, then turn into these beauties.

The apples all look "dusty" when you pull them off the branch, then turn into these beauties.

If you're looking to spend a day doing something different with bae, a girls day, or even some family fun, I'd definitely check this place out. If you need more than wine and donuts, you can pay to access area where they sell more food. Altogether, I spent less than $15 including the tasting, the glass of wine, donuts, and apples. 

I didn't get to pick a pumpkin so I'll have to go back for one and a bottle of Rooster Red.