Buttermilk Channel | Brunch Eats Brooklyn, NY

  • Brunch

  • 524 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231


In search of a quality brunch for a cousins reunion, I stumbled on Buttermilk Channel. I bookmarked this place months ago and coincidentally, so did my cousin Chelsea. We met up on a cold Sunday morning where we had to bare the cold walk from the car to the restaurant. It’s Brooklyn so parking is limited and it took my brother and I a second to figure out the parking meter wallet system. The space is quaint so finding space while we waited for a table felt a little like Tetris. We landed a table by the window (food blogger’s dream!). Everyone was pleased with their entree. I kind of made my own meal and remixed the Eggs Huntington and asked for smoked salmon instead of ham and loved it. The biscuits were a big hit as was the pork chop and waffle.

BrunchJovania Pierre